Kundalini Yoga - how I started to practice

Everybody in class knows, don't get me started on kundalini yoga (ky) as I will not stop easily. There is so much to say about kundalini yoga but yet it is all about experience.

Once upon a time, in my twenties, I found a kundalini yoga book and started practicing. It seemed very unusual but I kept going - I remember the first kriya (a set of specific yoga exercises with a specific outcome) included crow pose with arms extended forward, index finger pointing to the horizon and breath of fire, I thought !!?? but I continued to practice. Then a ky teacher attended the same course and offered morning sadhanas (early morning practice), so I found myself at 5am breathing and chanting. And then a ky teacher moved to the same remote Scottish island I lived on - that is a 1 mile diameter island in the Inner Hebrides, containing of 8 houses and many sheep and beautiful beaches. It sort of became clear, this is my practice and I also completed the teacher training and started teaching.

I love kundalini yoga because it can fix any issue I could think of, or at least aid/support it. It has shaped and saved my life and I still love experiencing that powerful shift that is immediate. It has become a great companion and I guess that is why I love sharing it.

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