Custom and personalised orders
When you order a garment it will be made especially for you. I will use your body measurements for your order. You also choose the colour of the fabric and often the type of material. And if you send me a note with the thread colour I will provide that too if available.

This means your order with i can c u is very personal, made with love and care to your measurements and especially for you, so I cannot accept returns as you are unique and nobody is likely to have your body measurements or colour taste. Thank you.


Sizing details
Made to measure means that I use your body measurements to create your order. Choose the size you would normally get and send your measurements. Sometimes I might have to enquire further. If measuring does no not work for you, some sizing details can be sufficient (like jeans size, height...). Don’t worry if you have never measured yourself, it is straight forward. The little effort will make sure the item fits and makes you feel good! Thank you.


Care instructions
All garments should be washed inside out and on a cool setting with mild detergent. I recommend 30 degrees and eco laundry liquid. But due to high quality fabric you will have to wash your garment usually less frequently as airing will be sufficient. Wash your clothes with similar colours. Some garments keep their shape better if you wash them in a pouch or pillowcase (interlock and tweed especially) The fabric does not like heat. Do not tumble dry. Do not cut any threads. Thank you.


Gift wrapping and packaging
If you need gift wrapping, let me know. I usually have some coloured paper or can make the wrapping even nicer than it already is. I have birthday cards too that I can use instead of the general care and washing instructions. It is possible to ship the birthday parcel directly, providing you live in the same country or a surplus postage charge might apply. To reduce waste produced the packaging is constantly improved. Paper instead of plastic will be the first choice.


Wholesale availability
I wish I could offer wholesale. But everything is made by hand and requires a lot of time and love. I also work to measure as I don’t think high street sizing makes much sense. Some items could work for wholesale but I just don’t have enough time to prepare a decent amount in a short time. Let me know what you had in mind and we can talk. Thank you.


Colour of the item versus photo
Please read the description carefully.

Some photos are custom orders and if you wish to get that particular garment in that particular colour made for you too, please mention it to me. For example the men’s shorts in the photo are a custom order as stated in the description in dark grey and light grey. Please don’t order black shorts and expect to get the grey pants displayed.
Some photos show items with a particular colour stitch. If you don’t state your thread colour choice you will get a plain coloured stitch, for example black pants with black or dark grey stitching.
So if you want a specific colour thread for your order please let me know or I will make that decision. Thank you.


Where is my parcel?
I understand that you would like to receive your item as fast as possible. And I promise you will but please consider that’s it is a handmade process. The fabric needs to be ordered in sometimes, prepared (washed and dried) and then the process can begin. It will be usually made to order and there is a lot of hand sewing involved and this can take time.
If you need your order faster please enquire for an upgrade at additionally costs.
Sadly I cannot influence the post service either.
Many thanks.


Raw edges?
I am working with raw edges. It makes no sense to me to end up with a thick hem that’s annoying and does not serve anything. In the creative process each garment gets tested for design and finish and in my experience the fabric I use does not fray. Through time and washing the edges sort of seal and stay like this. But for example the cardigan wrap likes being washed in a pouch or pillow case to maintain its shape but that is due to it being very wide and spinning all over the machine. The shorts I took to travel and they are the nicest thing to wear (organic!), they are very sturdy and after a year of normal use they still look the same, even with kids pulling. Your body will be gently draped and you will feel comfortable, home. Thank you.


Sometimes the postage seems high?
Almost all garments are made to order, this means a lot of time, love and care go into each item. Each item is also unique and the fabric is of high quality.
To make sure this parcel arrives safely I insure all parcels (apart from a single head cover). This makes the postage seem slightly higher but usually also reduces delivery time. In some cases multiple items orders can end up with a too high postage sum, which can happen, but I will refund the postage difference.


Caring for the environment?
Of course!
i can c u is constantly working on reducing plastic used. For example leggings don’t have to be made of fabric with elastane content. The fine rib works wonderfully and has no plastic content. My fabric source resources the fabric ethically. They have close contact to the producer and travel to the origin frequently. And you can really tell, the material is of highest quality.
Additionally each garment will be made to your body measurements. This guarantees that it will fit you! All together will turn a garment into your favourite thing to wear that you will not throw away after a season. This is a change in attitude which makes a huge difference in our throw-away society. And it really matters what you wear all day!