How it all started

i can cu yoga wear was born when I lived on a remote Scottish Island in the Inner Hebrides. I had to be creative as we had many power cuts and the evenings where dark and long in the winter. That is when I started to create clothes from scratch by hand only. That allowed me to be independent from electrical devices but also gave me a peaceful work to do.

Throughout my life I never seemed to be able to find anything that would fit me on the High Street anyway. It was even harder to find white clothes that I felt comfortable in, that is why I specialised in creating clothes that work also in white, the colour I wear when I practice Kundalini Yoga.

My work is also influenced by my experience as an artist, painting and drawing the human body. Everybody has a different shape and that is honoured in my work.

i can c u is earth and body friendly.
I use your body measurements to create your garment and this means the clothes will fit you! And the material will last a long time. I resource my organic fabric from a small company that is in close contact with their producers. The quality is amazing and a dream to work with and to wear!

Feeling good in your body throughout the day is adding to your wellbeing on all levels but keeping an item because you love it instead of throwing it away after a season makes also a huge difference in our throw-away society.